Getting Started With Ygdrasil

Before we start creating our own scenes in Ygdrasil, we'll first take a look at some existing Ygdrasil scenes and get a feel for how navigation and interaction in the CAVE and the CAVE Simulator actually work. Then, we'll set up the project directories for using Ygdrasil.

If you don't have Ygdrasil downloaded and installed, read the chapter on Installing Ygdrasil first. If you're not sure whether Ygdrasil is installed, look in the /usr/local directory for a folder called "yg", "yg_0.1.11", "yg_0.1.4", etc.

Ygdrasil is usually used in two different contexts - in an immersive display such as a CAVEl, ImmersaDesk, or C-Wall, or just in a window on the regular desktop. Immersive displays use full 3D video projection, head tracking, and gestural input through the wand. The desktop version of Ygdrasil runs in a mode called the "CAVE Simulator", which uses different combinations of keyboard and mouse motions to simulate actual input device in the CAVE. Usually one works on a regular PC, testing out YG scenes in Simulator mode, before bringing them into the CAVE.

(c) Ben Chang