Installing Ygdrasil

I'll come right out and say that this is probably the most difficult part of using Ygdrasil - installing it and getting it working in the first place! Ygdrasil is experimental, cutting-edge software still used primarily with the support of engineering and computer science research labs, so while the language itself is quite easy to use, the installation is not yet a one-step process. This chapter lays out the steps to install Ygdrasil in, hopefully, a clear and detailed way. If you have problems, try asking at the Ygdrasil Forum.


Installing Ygdrasil requires you to do a little command-line work and often requires you to edit some files. Ygdrasil is a Linux application, so of course you need to be using a computer with Linux. You will also need the root (administrator) password for the computer to install software.


Any modern Linux distribution should be fine. At SAIC, we're using Suse 9.3 (as of 2005), but we also know that Ygdrasil works fine on Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and probably most others. Many people use Ygdrasil on the venerable Red Hat 7.3, which is ancient by linux standards (i.e. more than 5 years old!) but stable and solid. These instructions include ways of using the command-line for things and also quick ways of using the Desktop for some steps; I've included pix from KDE, but of course you can use Gnome too.
(c) Ben Chang