bcchang.com / Design
  • an interactive musuem exhibit of worldwide earthquake activity, showing seismic events in realtime and in historical context. Developed for the exhibition Nature Unleashed : Inside Natural Disasters.
    Worldwide Earthquake Activity
    interactive exhibit
    Client: The Field Museum of Natural History

  • interactive timeline visualizing the history of DIY Culture
    DIY Culture Timeline
    Flash website
    Client: A+D Gallery, Chicago

  • Exhibition Studies Viewbook Interactive CD-ROMs
    ES Books
    Client: Exhibition Studies Department, SAIC

  • award-winning interactive CD-ROM catalog for an exhibition of artists' books.
    The Consistency of Shadows
    Client: Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection / Gallery 2

  • an online and gallery-based interactive exhibition, which gave museum visitors the chance to transform and reconfigure both individual artworks and the entire exhibition itself (virtually).
    interactive installation / website Client: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago