bcchang.com / art / WebShadow
interactive installation, 2001

If the net is a space, it is a kind of non-space without the attributes we normally use to understand space. Distance, boundaries, scale, all have different meanings; while our presence, our body in this other space, seems invisible, erased. How can we imagine an online, virtual, networked body? Perhaps by the information that passes through it - information being the material of this space, the body being of that material, a nexus point for it, a pathway for it, a process that desires and acts upon it. Imagining parallels with the physical body, we can look for flows of information in perception, consciousness, DNA, emotion ... creating a connection that can bind these two bodies together. WebShadow explores these ideas through the video image of the viewer, seeing herself recomposed on the screen from fragments of web pages and internet traffic.


2001: Broken Space, Open-End Art, Chicago