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The Jackals @ Version>02

The Jackals invaded the Version>02 festival at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, hauling in piles of video monitors, computers, slide projectors, soldering irons, and broken electronic toys despite protests from the festival organizers. The Jackals inhabited their makeshift camp through the duration of the festival, slowly transforming the electronic detritus into strange new creations. These included the JackalVision wireless video suits, Killer the Robot Dog, and the Jackal PDA (Personal Data Annoyance). The Jackals took turns building while others presented improvisational circuit-bending performances or slide lectures with found slides.

Most art and technology or new media festivals include a section for web art, presented in browsers on individual PC stations. Festival-goers universally take this as an opportunity to check their email, in effect re-appropriating the web browser back from its new status as art-site. Towards the end of the festival, two of the Jackals made their way onto an aptly-named panel entitled "Creative Technology as Weaponry" where it was revealed that they had been running a Carnivore client on the museum's LAN, streaming the data packets of all email-checkers onto their pile of ancient monochrome monitors in the front lobby.