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The PDA (Personal Data Annoyance)

The Jackal PDA is a reconstructed version of the now-ubiquitous Personal Data Assistant (e.g. Palm, Treo, Blackberry, iPaq, etc...), built from an early laptop computer and a briefcase. Bulky and totally devoid of any input device, the Jackal PDA loudly recites a continous litany of appointments, stock quotes, plane flight information, reminders, memos, emails, schedule changes, weather reports, traffic updates, and sports scores.

As we design information and communication technologies to become increasingly ubiquitous and intimately tied to our bodies, there is a paradoxical effect of, on the one hand, a hunger for freedom and mobility and, on the other, the entangling weight of this connectivity itself. As the ad campaign for Microsoft Windows Mobile promises, anywhere you go, you can "Take Your Office With You."