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The Jackals

In the grey space between utopia and dystopia we who are jackals live on the edges. Opportunistic omnivores are unavoidably circling your city! There have always been jackals, there always will be jackals. We are the ones who put your tech to use, the ones who recycle the glut and make it useful in aesthetic glory. The technology is neither servant nor master, but merely our raw material, to gnaw, rework, shape and build.

The Jackals are a nomadic band of technology scavengers who repurpose obsolete and discarded technologies to create enigmatic, absurd, and chaotic future inventions. A project of the TangentLab Collective, the Jackals are probably best described as a kind of guerilla hacker street theater. During an event, the Jackals invade and set up camp anywhere from a sidewalk to a museum to a convention center, bringing soldering irons and software. Scavenging obsolete technologies from public donations, thrift stores, and back alleys, the Jackals then set about repurposing this material for their own ends. All of this work is done in public, making the process as much the focus of the project as the finished objects. The process is both visible and open, designed to engage the public in the act of making.

Common themes in Jackal projects include:

  • Resisting the cycle of obsolescence
  • Demystifying technology
  • Exploring collective models as alternatives to the standard organizational logic of the technology industry
  • Re-negotiating the relationships between consumers and their electronic commodities

The Jackals are a project of TangentLab, a small group of artists who bring collective and collaborative strategies to their technological interventions.

The Jackals are: Ben Chang, Mary Lucking, Silvia Ruzanka, Andrew Sempere, Dmitry Strakovsky, Rodger Ruzanka, and Chris Sorg.